Innovation in software solutions

LinkTo Software is a software development and consulting company with a development center in Eastern Europe (Bucharest / Romania).
Our flexible, cost-effective services and innovative software products can help customers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximize their return on investment.

We believe that only satisfied costumers bring value and success to our company and we are always trying to design and build better quality software solution.

We succeeded to achieve this and we continue our road by gathering in our team only world class people and always working with the best tools and components in software development process.

Our partnerships with Microsoft, Google and Telerik prove our reliability and the high quality of the services and products we offer.

Our vision

We dedicate ourselves to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our aim is to provide flexible, high-quality, cost-efficient services and innovative software products based on the latest technologies.
Satisfied customers are our best marketing tool and we don't make any step back in offering best quality in our products.

People, technologies, processes!

Our organization is based on three values: People, Technologies and Processes.
We hire only world class IT professionals, considering this the only way to success. This is reflected not only in the quality of the software we design and build, but in the enthusiasm our clients have for the members of our team they engage with.

The only way we can guarantee our customers the success of their solutions and control the results is to use properly processes and maintain an organized work environment.
The Microsoft Solutions Framework is employed for developing and managing software projects from conception through to implementation.


LinkTo Software was founded in 2008 when we launched in Romanian market our own e-commerce platform, e.Go Commerce, build entirely from scratch.
Since then we've put our efforts in enhancing the e-commerce platform and extending the area of services offered to our customers.